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Uno and Shapparel. What is their language?

There is a common misconception when riders decide to begin the EquuSynced Equine Experiential Coaching. There’s the idea that our Equine Experiential Coaching is for fixing the rider’s problem horse or fixing the rider’s problems. My best answer to that is the quote below:

“Don’t attempt to fix your problems… fix your thinking and your problems will fix themselves”

EquuSynced Equine Experiential Coaching is not about “fixing a problem horse” or “fixing a rider’s problems.” There are two elements of our Equine Experiential Coaching. The first is to help riders to examine their thinking so that they can dissolve the thoughts that are not working in their relationship with their horse. The second is to help a rider and his or her horse to develop a language that works for both of them.

Regardless of a rider’s Authenticity and clarity, a horse and rider communicate. The question is, how effective is their communication? Often times, a rider and horse are speaking different languages, like you speaking English to me and me speaking Spanish to you and expecting to understand each other. Although a limited amount of communication can be achieved speaking different languages, or a hybrid like speaking Spanglish to each other, there will be many miscommunications, some serious enough that one or both partners shuts down and cease all communication. When a person or a horse shuts down, communication and learning cannot take place. Therefore, speaking different languages does not create a trusting, peaceful, harmonious partnership.

The best way to ensure that you and your horse are speaking the same language and communicating effectively is for you to dissolve your own beliefs and thoughts that are creating static. Next, explore other ways of communicating and be willing to change your side of the communication to create an overall more fluent language with your horse when needed. This means noticing what gestures/physical cues, energy level, non physical cues, amounts of positive reinforcement, amounts of negative reinforcement, etc. your horse best responds too.

I consider a large part of my career as an Equine Experiential Coach to be studying, experimenting with and, if at all possible,

EquuSynced Donkeys

Cassie and Sunny. What is their language?

immersing myself in as many different equine “languages” as possible. This means studying the methods of many different professionals in the equestrian industry, including many natural horsemanship or horsemanship trainers, dressage trainers, hunter/jumper trainers, liberty trainers, any and all trainers that teach a clear “language” that they use with their horses. In short, I don’t abide by a specific language. My personal opinion is the opposite, that not all horses respond best to one language in particular. For example, both of my horses and the donkeys best respond to different languages or dialects if that makes more sense to you. I constantly evolve my way of communicating with them by continuously monitoring my thoughts and beliefs that come up, dissolving them, observing their responses to me, studying new ways of communicating when necessary and experimenting with them.

My goal as an Equine Experiential Coach is to help riders get to a place of Authenticity where they can monitor and dissolve the thoughts that are not working for them. Authenticity is the foundation. My next goal is then to facilitate the rider and horse discovering and creating an eloquent and effective language that works for both of them through ground games. This is not training, this is not targeted at a specific sport or even riding, this is about the rider discovering the mental and emotional tools they need to be open to co-creating a relationship with his or her horse.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to helping you and your horse develop an eloquent and beautiful language that works for both of you.

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