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I have found a happy virtual home for my written work, outside of EquuSynced Perspectives, at Horse Conscious:

“HorseConscious is your invitation to explore a world of horses beyond horsemanship. If partnership is your starting point and a deep, rich relationship with your horse(s) your goal, then you’ve come to the right place. As you make this journey together, you will soon discover the joy that comes from mutual kindness, respect and appreciation. HorseConscious celebrates not only this joy of true partnership with horses but the healing and inspiration they provide too.”

Articles Published on Horse Conscious

7 Steps for Being Authentic with Your Horse published February 2014
Do We Really Do What Is Best For Our Horses? published April 2014
How Do Horses Experience The World Differently To Us? published May 2014
Change Is Gonna Come published September 2014
How Much Should You Work Your Horse? published October 2014
Desensitizing or Flooding? published February 2015
Isn’t Clicker Training for Dogs? published April 2015
Friday’s Odyssey published February 2016
When the Going Gets Hard, Go Slower published November 2016