Meet the EquuSynced Equine Family

EquuSynced is immensely grateful for our equine family. We love them more than we can express and know you will too! We are proud to introduce:

Chapparel - EquuSynced Horse



Chapparel (Champ)

Chapparel, or Champ for short, has been with EquuSynced since August 2013. Champ was born in 2003 and is an Arabian gelding that spent most of his life (as far as we know) training and competing as an endurance horse.

He decided that wasn’t the job for him, so made his way to us through a close friend. He’s decided that equine education and teaching aspiring riders how to interact with horses and ride is the job for him.

Fun Fact: Champ LOVES chin scratches.




Cyrano - EquuSynced Horse


Cyrano (Uno)

Cyrano, or Uno for short, has been with us since before EquuSynced was born. Uno has been a part of the family since July 2011. He was born in 2007  and is an Oldenberg gelding who we imported to the US when he was 4 years old as a hunter.

He has trained for the hunters and shown a limited amount. He’s found a new job that he LOVES in equine education and in teaching aspiring riders how to interact with horses.

Fun Fact: Cyrano is named after the protagonist of Ari’s FAVORITE play Cyrano de Bergerac. Look up the play to find out why the name fits Uno (hint, it has to do with noses… =D).



Ciara - EquuSynced Pony




Ciara has been a member of the EquuSynced family since November 2014. She was born in 2010 and is an APHA (American Paint Horse Association) mare.

She was bred to be used for roping, but ended up being much shorter than expected, as both of her parents are large roping horses and she is a pony!

Ciara is working hard to be ready to participate in equine education activities.

Fun Fact: Ciara has BEAUTIFUL blue eyes!



Friday - EquuSynced Pony



Friday joined the EquuSynced family with Ciara in November 2014. He was born in 2011 and is a Mustang gelding. We aren’t positive about Friday’s story, but we were told that Friday has been in captivity since he was just a couple months old as his mother was killed in a traffic accident leaving him an orphan.

He and Ciara have been together since he was approximately a year and a half old. Ciara is his very best friend. Friday is currently also a pony and will probably remain a pony once he’s done growing. Friday and Ari are working together to prepare Friday to participate in equine education.

Fun Fact: Friday’s color is called “Blue Roan”