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wild and free expansion

Wild and Free Expansion

I’m sure it’s been there to some degree in recent years, but this shift from 2013-2014 is the first time I personally have noticed a significant backlash at resolutions. Does the idea of making resolutions for your coming year leave a sour taste in your mouth?

My shift between years has generally consisted of gratitude for the incredible things the previous year held, and dreaming and scheming of what I’d love to experience in the coming year. The dreaming and scheming has generally not been physical objects, but how I wanted to FEEL in the coming year, leaving HOW I came to feel that way a delicious mystery.

For the past two years, along with my time of gratitude and dreaming, I have also decided on a theme for the coming year. For example, 2013’s theme was Playful Discovery, which ended up being the perfect theme for the year with my experiences in life coach training, beginning my coaching practice, creating EquuSynced’s Equine Experiential Coaching, getting married, buying a house with my now husband, bringing horses home to our property, adopting miniature donkeys, and the list goes on…

For 2014, I originally decided on a theme of Wild and Free and my idea of a theme for each year was included in a blog written by my friend and colleague Sarah Vermunt of Careergasm on HuffingtonPost called “Make Resolutions on Your Own Terms.” However, after reading a blog on Forbes about a 3 step formula for New Year’s goals called “Smart Entrepreneurs Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions — They Do This Instead.” I’ve decided to try their “formula.”

I have changed my theme to “Wild and Free Expansion” to fulfill the “3 powerful words” for step one. I have now begun listing what actions I want to be encompassed by each word so that I can begin creating systems. The only thing I plan to alter about the “formula” is the third step. I plan to be more flexible about my needs while still sticking to my systems. For example, part of Expansion will be working toward publishing my honor’s thesis from college on the history of horse show jumping. My thesis traces the practice of jumping horses from Xenophon (431-355 BCE) to Frederick the Great (1712-1786 CE) through the geographical spread of Frederick the Great’s theories to Caprilli (1868-1907 CE) through the geographical spread of Caprilli’s theories and concludes with a brief look at the contemporary sport in America. It also includes interviews with individuals in the sport ranging from amateurs to Olympic Gold Medalists about the oral history of the sport and the role the sport plays in their lives. Publication is usually an arduous process. So, to be loving toward myself, if I honestly do not feel like taking a step in my allotted time for that element of Expansion, I will connect with my body, mind and emotions, notice the resistance or thoughts that cause me to NOT want to stick to my system that day, do any work on those resistance and thoughts, and if NOT working on publication is what feels best after doing my own work, I will fill it with an element of Wild or Free that will rejuvenate me in order to be able to work on publication the next day. That feels a lot more FREE to me ;).

How do you like to say a loving goodbye to one year and an ecstatic hello to the next? Do you like resolutions? Goals? Words? Songs? Themes? Are you intrigued by any of Sarah Vermunt’s ideas in her blog? Are you intrigued by the 3 step formula? Do you vision board? I’d love to hear about it!

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