Holistic Horsemanship

EquuSynced promotes holistic horsemanship. Holistic horsemanship means working with the whole horse and the whole rider. I focus on addressing and evolving each horse and rider mentally, emotionally and physically, both as individuals and as partners. EquuSynced specializes in positive reinforcement training (clicker training). I have found clicker training to be a powerful tool for facilitating the growth of a horse and rider into a harmonious and balanced partnership.

Fully customizable packages are available including sessions for horses, private lessons for horse and rider and small group lessons (2-3 horse and rider pairs). The below is pricing for sessions and lessons at our property. Prices are per session/lesson. If you would like sessions and/or lessons at your property, please let me know as pricing is customized based on times per week and where you are located.

  • Horse Sessions
    Ari will work your horse a set number of times per week. (only available to FCB clients)
    1 Session/Week = $35
    2 Sessions/Week = $30
  • 1 Hour Private Lessons
    Ari will work with horse and rider (either with your horse or one of ours).
    1 Session/Week = $45
    2 Sessions/Week = $40
  • 1 Hour Group Lessons
    Ari will work with horse and rider (either with your horse or one of ours) in a group setting. Must have 3 per group for a group lesson.
    1 Session/Week = $30
    2 Session/Week = $25
  • Facilitated Trail Rides
    Ari will take you out on a trail ride, usually in a small group. She will do training on the ride. You can park your trailer at our property and we will ride from the property.
    1 Ride Per Week = $25