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All Bent Out Of Shape: Harnessing The Power of Anger Part 3

Welcome to Part Three of the All Bent Out Of Shape: Harnessing The Power of Anger series.

In Part One, we discussed the four main Anger Patterns. In Part Two, we discussed Productive Anger. In Part Three, we are discussing how horses can help you identify Anger and shift it to Productive Anger.

Finally! The Third of three parts about Harnessing the Power of Anger…

Uno bending

Uno bending

What Makes Horses Unique?

Horses have evolved to read other beings with remarkable accuracy. They are excellent one trial learners. That means that they can read the physical signs from other beings so well, that more often than not, they will guess correctly the first time. Evolutionarily, this was important. A prey animal that guessed incorrectly once was probably dinner. Whereas predators, such as ourselves, could make an incorrect guess and we’d certainly lose the prey, but we still lived to hunt another hunt. Horses are anywhere from 100 to 1000 times more sensitive than humans to physical signals and energetic changes for that reason.

Secondly, horses live in the moment. They don’t necessarily care what happened five minutes ago or could happen in five minutes. As a prey animal, living in the past or future will make you someone else’s dinner. Therefore, a horse responds to other beings exactly as the other being is in that moment and exactly how the horse is in that moment.

How can a horse help me with anger?

In short, horses know when you’re angry as soon as you’re angry even if you don’t realize that you’re angry yet! Therefore, they can help you identify signals in your body and thoughts that reveal that you are angry so that you can practice recognizing it earlier and earlier in your Anger Pattern. Then, a horse can continue to give you unbiased, in the moment feedback, as you play with different ways to harness the power of your anger into Productive Anger. For example, if we play with one process and go back to the horse and the horse still reflects back that you’re angry, we can assess how well that process worked for you and try another. The MOMENT that your anger shifts into Productive Anger, the horse will reflect that to you.

Playing with your Anger Pattern with horses is powerful work that makes waves into your career and relationships. The process that you create and play with while with the horses can be used in your work environment, friendships, relationship with your significant other, etc.

Feel free to call me or email me with questions about how horses can help you with Anger. You may request a complimentary 20 minute coaching strategy session for help deciding which Anger Pattern you tend to use, as well as customizing the process for using Productive Anger to your Anger Pattern as a huge THANK YOU to my loyal readers.

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