About EquuSynced

EquuSynced Ari Sizemore photo by Sierra Elegance Photography

EquuSynced Ari Sizemore with EquuSynced horses Champ and Uno. Photo by Sierra Elegance Photography.

Ari has loved horses all of her life (noticeably since she was two when she crawled underneath the belly of a gentled mustang to pet its stomach, but that’s a long story!). She competed in local and “A” rated hunter/jumper shows in Nevada, California and Oregon for over a decade. Ari became interested in equine behavior and psychology when she got her first horse over 15 years ago. Since then, she has fostered that interest by reading every book she can find, playing with as many horses as possible (including the beautiful mustangs of the Reno, Nevada area), as well as attending clinics and/or demonstrations with as many horsemen and horsewoman in the hunter/jumper world, the natural horsemanship world, the dressage world and other equestrian worlds as she can.

As Ari grew and developed within the hunter/jumper sport, she came across obstacles in her riding for

EquuSynced Coach Ari Sizemore and EquuSynced ponies Ciara and Friday

EquuSynced Coach Ari Sizemore and EquuSynced ponies Ciara and Friday. Photo by Sierra Elegance Photography.

which the equestrian sport industry does not provide a framework. Ari found some of the answers through speaking with Sports Psychologists. She felt that she found another missing piece in Ground Work and has studied the ground work practiced by many in the natural horsemanship sphere. She feels that she found a third missing piece in the study of Equine Behavior and Psychology. But still there was something missing. She found what she feels to be the last missing piece in the emotional skills taught in Life Coaching. Through her experiences and studies, Ari has assembled a method of teaching horses and riders that combines aspects of Equine Behavior and Psychology, Ground Work, and Life Coaching that she feels fills the void in the equestrian sports that she experienced.

Ari fulfilled her coach training with the Martha Beck Institute in 2013 and completed her certification in 2014 to become a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach. Ari grew up around a psychometric tool called Emergenetics that she feels has profoundly shaped her life both through increased understanding of other people and through more profound understanding of horses. She completed her training in Emergenetics in 2015 and completed her certification to become an Emergenetics Certified Associate in 2016.

Uno and Friday

Uno and Friday

Ari is an avid researcher and loves learning new things. This has led her to provide a more and more natural life style for her horses and to encourage others to do the same. All horses on the EquuSynced property now live as a herd in a paddock modeled after the Paddock Paradise concept (Jamie Jackson). All horses are barefoot, have access to free choice grass hay in slow feeders 24/7 and are fed the appropriate amount of ration balancer daily. The horses have never been happier or healthier.

Areas often addressed in EquuSynced Equine Education:

  • The relationship between thoughts, emotions and your body
  • The role of emotion with horses
  • The differences physiologically and psychologically between horses and humans
  • The relationship between horse and rider
  • Building confidence in both horse and rider
  • A horse’s natural life (diet, behavior, etc.) and natural horse care
  • What tack is best for you and your horse?
  • Safe and holistic horsemanship
  • Ground work
  • Ridden work
  • Trail riding

Some areas that Ari can address specifically for a rider and/or horse in need:

Champ and Ciara

Champ and Ciara

  • Post traumatic stress from falling (Ari experienced falls that resulted in serious injuries, including broken bones, a grade 3 concussion and damage to nerves and hearing)
  • Performance anxiety and Perfectionism
  • Competing against friends and peers
  • Feeling unsafe expressing your thoughts and/or emotions to trainers and/or parents and/or riding peers
  • Feeling “over horsed” physically and/or mentally and/or emotionally
  • A horse or horses that request/demand more from you as a rider and partner. For Ari this was usually horses that did not fit into the “box” that the equestrian sport industry placed them into and resented attempts to force them into it. These are horses that are often labeled “problem horses:” horses that rear, buck, take off, spook often, bite, are “grumpy,” are “lazy,” are highly sensitive, etc.
  • Riders that do not fit in the “box” expected of them in the competitive riding disciplines. Usually individuals that resent not feeling comfortable expressing their feelings, their concerns, and/or feel that there is a better way to interact with their horses
  • Specific equine behavior challenges including but not limited to: spookiness, specific phobias (trailers, feet being handled, etc.), lack of focus, laziness, crookedness, etc.


To learn more about Ari Sizemore or EquuSynced feel free to contact us online.